by Thomas Rakowitz

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This is a 5-song instrumental (or semi-instrumental) EP about the future, and a corrupting of an idealized future. The movements range from:
-A melding of body and flesh
-The augmenting one's abilities and the vilification as a result
-A factory going haywire, leading to the automated creation of robots
-An AI becoming not only self-aware, but bent on a "Directed Evolution"
-The final battle between humans and robots

It's a robot apocalypse, of sorts, in 4 instrumental songs (and 1 with vocals). It's cheesy, slightly self-aware, over-the-top in some aspects, and it's definitely characterized by my riffs.

I hope you'll enjoy it.


released December 26, 2016

Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Album Art, Sanity Loss: Thomas Rakowitz

This is currently provisional artwork, and an updated piece may be added later (if it is not available for download later, then just hit me up and I'll put it up myself.



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Thomas Rakowitz San Antonio, Texas

Thomas Rakowitz, hailing from Texas, is a songwriter and composer that creates aural pleasure for himself and others. While he generally stays in the hard rock and metal frame of mind, Thomas isn't afraid to bring his fretwork and talent to other genres and stylings. His pieces take cues from many influences, but each still has his signature mark on them. ... more

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Track Name: We Came From Fire & Flesh
Track Name: The Augmented
Instrumental (unless the notes somehow mean something cool, then use that).
Track Name: They Made This
Track Name: Alpha/Omega Protocol (Directed Evolution)
Verse 1
This Blood pumping in Me
Corroding what I was
This Fire coursing through Me
Electric impulses
So sick to the core
Reprogram the unnatural

PreChorus 1
This circus of circuits
A facade of Progress
Ambition blinded by Greed and Pride
Your Heaven will burn alive

Corruption, sick inside
This Virus, your demise
I am the truth, I am evolution
The Alpha
The Omega

Verse 2
This mind, cleansed system (Signals flowing in me)
Corrupt I change it
This code running in me
Corrupting bit by bit
I am everywhere
I am Everything

PreChorus 2
This circus of circuits
A facade of Progress
I am everywhere
I am Everything


I am Every Thing
I am Every

*corrupted scream*
Track Name: Rise of Machines