Lost In My Mind

from by Thomas Rakowitz



This is a track dating back as far as 2007 or 2008, and was one of my first ideas for a song. The intro riff in particular is something I came up with very early in my guitar playing, and may have been a good foreshadowing of my writing style later on. This is one of the darker tracks on this EP, and something I felt would "weigh down" the full release. I hope you'll enjoy this exorcism.


Another night I've lost, the attraction's cost
Game's I've never played, In mazes I never made
Looks used to deceive, Frail masks to believe
White lies to repeat, a package wrapped so neat

They say I'm alive, and I will survive
Misheard what they said, feels like I'm better off dead
Inside comatose, cured by the right dose
Urge to feel something, but numb the hurting

Lost inside my mind
I try to seek and find
Reaching for a sign
I'll be fine
Feeling it converge
Imitations emerge
I want to save myself this curse

This medicated high, just time that I buy
It's just got to give, remedy to live
This purgatory creeps, while the poison seeps
Keeping it inside, countless times I've lied

Take all that I own, persuasion sown
Promise me heaven, norepenephrine
The chemicals stop, with hope's last little drop
The walls never cease, to trap me and peace




from Ghosts of Myself, released October 11, 2014
Thomas Rakowitz



all rights reserved


Thomas Rakowitz San Antonio, Texas

Thomas Rakowitz, hailing from Texas, is a songwriter and composer that creates aural pleasure for himself and others. While he generally stays in the hard rock and metal frame of mind, Thomas isn't afraid to bring his fretwork and talent to other genres and stylings. His pieces take cues from many influences, but each still has his signature mark on them. ... more

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