The Consuming Flame

from by Thomas Rakowitz



This one dates back to around 2010-2011, and my friend Daniel Bas helped with this one. We were jamming some ideas for a new CD we were going to be working on, and this came up. It was in a higher tuning than the current iteration, and he wasn't around to write the drums, but I feel he still deserves credit for coming up with the pre-chorus melodic guitar line.

This one is distinctly more metal than the other tunes.


Tongues whiplash at our backs
Time marked by the whip cracks
A price to pay with interest
Gluttons for the tempest

Stars that have seen bloodshed
Ransack the lost and the dead
Blank check wars to fight
Turning out our own light

We till the consuming fire, the burning desire
the human empire, a force to inspire
So much hate and ire, damning all but the liar
Who sold us out to our hells.

We raise it higher and higher, the vermillion spire
flags all up for hire, to the wealthiest buyer
We walk the thin wire, now we're all satire
Can't even save ourselves.

We watch it wash away
For we're not here to stay
The fire comes crashing down
The sound's will drown
Our empty words to plea
With seas of apathy

The price of progress rose
But why no one knows
Pillars pride their existence
But fall with insistence

Her bleeding heart's denial
A world now so vile
Children play with the noose
How poorly we did choose



Our empty words to plea
Our empty words to plea
Our empty words to bleed
To fill the sea of apathy



from Ghosts of Myself, released October 11, 2014
Additional Guitar Parts: Daniel Bas
Everything else: Thomas Rakowitz



all rights reserved


Thomas Rakowitz San Antonio, Texas

Thomas Rakowitz, hailing from Texas, is a songwriter and composer that creates aural pleasure for himself and others. While he generally stays in the hard rock and metal frame of mind, Thomas isn't afraid to bring his fretwork and talent to other genres and stylings. His pieces take cues from many influences, but each still has his signature mark on them. ... more

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